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Cannabis edibles open a new frontier

Balancing safety and consumer preferences will ensure Canada is a leader in Cannabis 2.0

Mix & match: Integrating fintech with your existing banking relationships

Technology has transformed the world around us, from the way we socialize to the way we do business, and this is particularly true for financial services. Fintech, or financial technology, companies...

Preparing to sell a business – considering people

Once business owners have made the decision to sell, they should begin to focus on maximizing the value of the enterprise. One key area of focus, on a long list of items, is the people working for...

Explore how the Trump administration and Republican congress will impact B.C. Business (VIDEO)

Katri Ulmonen, U.S Tax Services, and Sidhartha Rao, International Tax Services, MNP LLP, discuss the tax implications for cross border trade  

Trump tax plan: Certain uncertainty for B.C. businesses

President-elect Donald Trump’s ascension to the highest office in the land was unexpected by most. Before his election on November 8, the consensus among U.S. tax practitioners was that the top...

Challenging the myth of cybersecurity

Your organization will likely be cyberattacked, and often. But there are steps businesses can take to reduce breaches and their impact.

Business opportunities in northern B.C.

Capitalizing on economic growth in the region

Make time to plan your exit or risk settling for less

As an entrepreneur, you probably have a plan: build your business and sell it down the road so you can enjoy your retirement. Life, however, can get in the way of even the best-laid plans. There are...

Strategies to consider when exporting beyond B.C. (VIDEO)

Angeline Chandra and Katri Ulmomen of MNP LLP discuss what to consider when exporting beyond B.C. 

Keys for success in expanding your business outside of Canada

Depending on the nature of your business, expanding operations outside of Canada can take on many different forms. As a manufacturer, you may export Canadian-manufactured products abroad, or simply...