Alexa Ulinder-Baughen

Vice-president, investments and communications, Anthem Properties Age: 34

Alexa Ulinder-Baughen has grown up in the real estate business. Her father, Daniel Ulinder, worked with Bob Rennie in the 1990s and the two were pioneers in residential real estate marketing.

“I’ve always been exposed to the industry and always had an interest in it,” she said.

After a stint with a communications company, Ulinder-Baughen returned to real estate and worked her way up the corporate ladder over a period of 10 years.

As vice-president at Anthem Properties, she has led the acquisition of 19 new investment properties to the company’s portfolio. Ulinder-Baughen is also responsible for all corporate communications, including media relations, sponsorships and donations and corporate branding and marketing.

In 2003, while she was studying for a degree in communications at the London School of Economics, life hit a speed bump when her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

“He was huge inspiration to me growing up … when he got sick, I flew home as soon as I found out,” she said.

Ulinder-Baughen ended up doing her thesis on how cancer patients use the Internet to learn about their disease and treatment. Before he died, her father took part in her study.

Having lost her father as well as two grandparents to cancer, Ulinder-Baughen is passionate about cancer research. She has chaired the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Ball for the past four years. In that time, the event has raised $3 million for cancer research. •