What are we reading? August 16, 2018

Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web. Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor: Prince Rupert, busiest Pacific port in North...

Vancouver Public Library embarks on next chapter of physical and technological change

Library Square’s rooftop garden expansion set to open in September, as chief librarian eyes video-conference rooms, virtual reality

Summer business-themed reading lets in the light

Vancouver Public Library picks offer welcome diversion from standard business tomes

Upcoming legislation will kill Richmond's farm mega mansions: Agriculture Minister

Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham says she is now ready to overrule Richmond city council on house sizes on farmland

Driverless cars, health trends steer beer sector in new direction

While autonomous vehicles are expected to boost alcohol sales, some brewers are betting on non-alcoholic drinks

Everyone has a stake in defending freedom of the press

It seems difficult some days to get what are typically referred to as “the media” to agree on whether the Sun rose from the East or the West, so different are our perspectives. Upon one point,...

B.C. winemaker cultivates unique brand niche

A profile of Frank Gigliotti, president and CEO, Cavallo Winery Ltd.

B.C. schools will weather loss of Saudi students: officials

Education officials in B.C. are cautiously optimistic that the diplomatic spat between Ottawa and Saudi Arabia, in which Riyadh recalled its students from Canadian schools, will not significantly...

Insurers grapple with worsening natural disasters

As wildfires intensify in the province, B.C.’s insurance industry struggles to meet demand

Smaller insurance brokerages lead employment growth

Average employment at B.C.’s biggest brokerages grew 25.8% since 2014

Canada’s premiers the main barrier to inter-provincial free trade

Opinionsvary as to whether the meeting of Canada’s premiers in mid-July in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, was a success. The expectations for those hoping for freer trade within Canada were high. But if...

Vancouver apartment rent growth flat over past year: PadMapper

The cost to rent both one- and two-bedroom apartments remained flat in Vancouver year-over-year in August, according to new PadMapper data, which includes median rents for all homes that are...