Fired casino exec fears being “fall person” amid money laundering inquiry

Walter Soo is suing Great Canadian Gaming Corp. for 24 months’ salary and to clear his reputation

Elizabeth Denham on privacy gone mainstream

The UK information commissioner to discuss privacy, data and cybersecurity in Vancouver talk February 4

Mid-mandate BC NDP makeover moves the party to middle ground

No matter what stripe the political party, the predictable pattern will emerge in government: you campaign radically and govern moderately. The left and right rhetoric slushily slides into the mushy...

Uber vs. Lyft in Vancouver: Differences quickly emerge between prices, services

What happened: Uber and Lyft have begun operating in Vancouver after receiving authorization from ICBC, and provincial and municipal authorities Why it matters: Vancouver was previously the largest...

Big tech fish migrating to ‘small pond’ Victoria

Rising number of international companies are opening offices in B.C.’s capital

Jobs weakness points to need for new focus on business climate

With the release of Statistics Canada’s December Labour Force Survey, it is now possible to tabulate annual employment growth rates and other key labour market indicators. Based on annual averages...

Five secrets for building your customer service ‘wow’ factor

has changed profoundly in the last several decades as new digital and cloud technologies are reshaping our everyday business processes. At the same time, however, it looks like the fundamentals of...

New hybrid-electric ferries to be floated into local waters on Friday

Break out your binoculars to watch the two new Island-class hybrid-electric ferries float off their partially submerged carrier vessel into local waters on Friday morning. The Sun Rise carrier,...

BC's Paper Excellence shuts down Nova Scotia pulp mill

Nova Scotia refuses to extend effluent ban, company responds with pink slips

What are we reading? January 23, 2020

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