Eric Hogan

Managing director, Hogan Millar Media, Executive producer, Two Story Productions Age: 32

Eric Hogan combines his two work loves with the love of his life, Tara Hungerford, his wife and partner at Two Story Productions. They run the award-winning video, TV and film production company together. His other business, Hogan Millar Media, is a strategic communications firm.

Hogan founded the businesses separately but they collaborate in digital content production.

“People don’t consume media the way they used to. We have to earn their attention and provide social or entertainment value. Video is visually evocative and provides a more emotional connection on a visceral level when combined with music and words.”

He started Two Story producing indie videos and then Hogan Millar with his previous boss. Hogan was the lead media consultant on the 2011 campaign to re-elect Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team.

“Looking back, I only vaguely envisioned my career path. If I were more self-aware I would not have meandered as much and would have learned how to say ‘no’ earlier. People-pleasing can be all-consuming. It’s easy to forget to take care of our own needs.”

Hogan has managed to take care of others on a socially responsible level. He helped develop a youth citizen journalism program for Sawa World in West Africa and Haiti.

“I’ve designed a lifestyle that works with raising two small children. I only need to walk one block to the office and I get to work with my wife. We’re always in arm’s-reach of each other. I’m not chained to a desk and can spend quality time with my family.” •