Juanita Lohmeyer

Adviser, Cornell-Queen’s executive MBA Age: 36

Juanita Lohmeyer isn’t afraid of change. In fact, she thrives on it.

Lohmeyer has just wrapped up work with ICBC, leading the Crown corporation through a modernization of its call centre and the creation of a new employee portal.

“Large complex projects and new ventures are always what interest me,” she said.

Before ICBC, Lohmeyer worked at Telus, where she put in place system and process improvements that saved the company more than $14 million.

Lohmeyer has a passion for travel and speaks several languages.

Through her company Forward Strategy Group, she’s reviewed the finances and operations of two non-profit groups in Tanzania and will soon be working with a hospital in Honduras.

She finds that the insight she gains while travelling is applicable to the business world in Canada.

“If you look at our customers of whatever businesses you’re in, they’re from all over the place and they have all kinds of backgrounds, and I’ve been to most of them,” she said. “I understand the cultures very well.”

Lohmeyer is now a global business adviser for Cornell-Queen’s executive MBA. •