Juggy Sihota-Chahil

Vice-president, client experience strategy and development, Telus Age: 39

Juggy Sihota-Chahil feels like she’s been at Telus forever. The reason she’s stayed at the company for much of her career is that it’s never stopped being an exciting place to work.

“Every few years there’s a new challenge that will build a different skill set or give you another new opportunity,” she said.

Sihota-Chahil, one Telus’ youngest vice-presidents, has worked in the telecommunications industry for more than 17 years. Her most recent project was a strategy to improve customer service.

The program began in 2010 and saw staff throughout the company, including the executive team, take responsibility for customer experience. It has transformed the company’s corporate culture and has already yielded measurable results.

“[Customer] complaints … went up for all of our competition and they went down for our organization,” she said.

Sihota-Chahil’s desire now is to move into Telus’ health-care division, which focuses on technology such as electronic medical records.

She credits “sage advice from a couple of great mentors” and the support of her parents for her success. In return, she follows a “lift while you climb” philosophy, a slogan she’s had written on the white board in her office for years.

“I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to make sure that [given] how fortunate I have been for doors being opened for me … that I’m making sure I’m doing the same for other people,” she said.

Sihota-Chahil chaired the 2012 Lower Mainland Telus Day of Giving and has been a director of the Telus Vancouver Community Board, the UBC Digital Media Advisory Council and Coastal Sound Music Academy. She is a founding member of Connections, a women’s professional development network at Telus. •