Omar Ladak

Managing director and CEO, Noverra Group of Companies Age: 35

To Omar Ladak, there’s nothing like being your own boss.

“We frequently joke, if we ended up having failures in our business lives, I’m not exactly sure what I could do working for somebody else,” he said.

Four years ago, Ladak co-founded the Noverra group of companies, which grew from startup to 100 staff. The business is made up of three companies, including Brighter Mechanical, a leading plumbing contractor; Noverra Consulting and Capital Partners, a boutique financial and management advisory firm; and Thompson Building Services, a janitorial and building services company.

Ladak said the turning point in his career came when he was made partner at RPO Management Consultants at the age of 27. The switch from being an employee to owning part of the company came with both rewards and risk.

“It’s a big deal to go from working for someone to signing up for the debt and the financial obligations and the responsibility of a number of people and their families,” he said.

At RPO, Ladak helped to grow the firm to 50 staff; the company doubled its size from when he became partner to when he left to start Noverra.

As Noverra continues to grow, the company will be looking to partner with or acquire other businesses that put people first.

“We think there is a lot of value in good people and good values, people that are honest, treat customers properly, provide a good product for service and treat their employees properly,” he said. •