Alexandra T. Greenhill

CEO and co-founder, myBestHelper, Age 38

Alexandra T. Greenhill's love of technology started early. She was playing video games before Mario Brothers was popular, and she started coding in high school.

But when it came time to choose a career path, Greenhill took a decidedly different route from the technological interest of her youth: she became a doctor.

"I was often sick as a kid," said Greenhill. "Medicine was a logical choice."

Greenhill went to medical school at the Université de Montreal and completed her residency at McGill University. Upon graduation, she worked as an emergency-room doctor.

Greenhill began to notice many patients arriving in the emergency ward who didn't need to be there. Their ailments, she said, could have been treated elsewhere. She sought to fix that.

She worked with various provincial bodies on an initiative to implement electronic records in doctors' offices in order to streamline operations. One such body was the BC Medical Association, the organization that ultimately brought Greenhill to Vancouver. Technology once again occupied a prominent position in Greenhill's life.

"Technology, and how it interfaces with people, is my particular area of interest," said Greenhill.

Inspired by her work with ehealth, Greenhill decided to step away from the health industry to immerse herself in the world of high-tech and be "where the future is."

As she delved into the world of technology, Greenhill decided to launch a business, myBestHelper. As a mother of three, she envisioned an online portal that could help busy families find care solutions such as locating nannies, tutors or even babysitters. myBestHelper does that.

But Greenhill isn't done yet. Eventually, she wants myBestHelper to become a complete support system for families – their one-stop family care shop.