Canadian workers say forget the company Christmas party, give us a bonus instead: CareerBuilder

Most Canadian workers would prefer a bonus over a Christmas party, according to a CareerBuilder Canada survey | Shutterstock

The holidays are a time to get together and celebrate, but 90% of Canadian workers say they would be willing to forego a company party in favour of a Christmas bonus.

In spite of this preference, employees are less likely to get a bonus than a chance to party with their co-workers. According to a CareerBuilder Canada study, 68% of workplaces will be hosting parties this holiday season, while almost half of all companies will not be giving bonuses.

CareerBuilder director Ryan Lazar said throwing a company holiday party is important for many reasons.

“Christmas is a time for festive cheer within the workplace and it’s important to celebrate the successes of the year just gone,” Lazar said.

“It’s important for both employers and employees to attend workplace socials to build strong working relationships which will result in a more successful future for the business.”

Despite these possible benefits, 22% of workers say they won’t be going to their work holiday parties.

Of those lucky workers who will be receiving bonuses this year, 12% will be getting bigger payouts than last year. Accountants will be getting the biggest increases, with 17% of workers in this field getting bigger bonuses than last year. IT workers (up 16%) and operations and sales (up 13%) will also see significant growth in their year-end bonuses.