Most Canadian workers unsatisfied with amount of vacation days: survey

Summer is just around the corner, and while many workers across the country are...

Most Canadian workers say they are unsatisfied with the amount of vacation they get | Shutterstock

Summer is just around the corner, and while many workers across the country are planning time off to enjoy the warm weather, most say they simply don’t get enough time off work.

More than half of all professionals—52%—say they don’t get enough vacation days, according to an Accountemps survey. When they do take time off, many employees say they aren’t getting the full benefit of a complete break; 36% admit to checking in with work at least once or twice a week while they are away.

“The ability for professionals to completely disconnect from work, even while on vacation, is a growing challenge as a result of the accessibility offered by technology,” said Accountemps’ Canadian president Dianne Hunnam-Jones.

“Workers need to recognize that taking the time to unplug is essential for their own wellbeing, allowing them the chance to return refreshed and better motivated.”

Women are more likely than men to express dissatisfaction with the amount of vacation time they get. Fifty eight per cent of women say they do not get enough vacation days, compared with 47% of men. While they are away, only 30% of women check in with their workplaces, compared with 42% of men.

On average, respondents said they planned to take an average of 11 days off this summer. Almost of third of them said they expect to take more time off this summer than last year.

As for why some professionals aren’t taking all the time away from work that they should, 36% said they are worried about co-workers having to take on their duties. As well, 38% said they are worried about the amount of work that would be waiting for them if they went away for a longer period of time.

Only 41% of employees said their managers encourage them to take time off. Just over half of those surveyed said their managers neither encourage nor discourage them from taking vacation days.

Accountemps said it is important for employers to encourage a “vacation-taking culture.”

“Managers should create an atmosphere where employees feel motivated and encouraged to find work-life balance and recharge,” the staffing organization said in its report.


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