Air Canada gives Vancouver-bound passengers hundreds of free flights

Recipients were on a flight from Toronto on December 21

Air Canada uses Dreamliner aircraft on flights between Vancouver and Toronto as well as on other Vancouver routes | submitted

Canada’s national airline gave away hundreds of flights on December 21 in what was a surprise for the 291 passengers on a Vancouver-bound flight from Toronto.

Everyone on board the 787 Dreamliner aircraft was told that they will be given two free flights to anywhere that Air Canada flies. One of those flights is to be used by the recipient whereas the other flight is intended for that person to give to someone else, a flight attendant explained to passengers while making the announcement.

Air Canada employees who were on the flight and travelling as passengers would also be eligible to win the prize. 

The airline posted a video of the moment when a flight attendant told passengers of their prize.

“We havent done this particular kind of thing before," Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said. "It’s a bit unusual. It's a way to give people a chance to do things through the year. It doesn’t have to be right away.”

The free flights must be used within one year and are subject to Air Canada's standard terms and conditions for promotional tickets.