Top 5 reasons a corporate health program is more important than ever

Corporate health programs are more important than ever, so it’s no surprise that they continue to be on the rise. They have been proven to positively improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and decrease overall healthcare costs. Companies should also not underestimate an excellent healthcare’s value as a successful recruitment and retention tool.

Here are five reasons your company should consider adopting a corporate health program this year:

1.   Increased productivity

The primary goal of a Corporate Health or Employee Wellness Program is to help your employees lead healthier lives at and away from the workplace. Improved productivity, increased concentration and heightened energy have all been shown, time and again, to be directly tied to healthier staff.  A recent Canadian medical study showed that employee wellness programs increase employee productivity by 51%.

2.  Contained healthcare costs

While it is difficult to quantify the benefits of increasing morale, productivity and work performance, the financial impact of decreased sick leave, absenteeism and lower health insurance premiums are easy to see. A Canadian study recently indicated that the implementation of an employee wellness program have been shown to decrease disability costs by 36% and drug benefits costs by 27%.

3.  Improved employee engagement and fulfilment

The results are clear: healthier employees are happier, work harder, help their team mates and are more efficient. According to a Canadian study, employee wellness leads to an impressive 70% increase in employee engagement and job satisfaction. This is a result of comprehensive programs that go beyond basic healthcare needs to address disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, psychological wellbeing and even brain health.

4.  Increased employee loyalty

Great employees are hard to find, and when you have them, you don’t want to lose them. This is why increased company loyalty is a significant selling point for corporate health programs. Employee loyalty contributes to a more harmonious working environment and means reduced recruitment, training and turnover costs.

5.  Attraction and retention of top talent

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs are no longer seen as a perk – they are now seen as the norm and actively sought after by top Canadian talent. In fact, 61% of 30-year-old Canadians believe their employer has an obligation to assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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