Genome BC invests $200k in Science World’s BodyWorks

The newly included Lab Zone will teach visitors about DNA and how it works 

BodyWorks gallery | Photo: Science World website

BodyWorks – Science World’s gallery that displays plasticized human body parts including the heart, skeleton and internal organs – has received a $200,000 injection from Genome BC, a non-profit life science organization. 

The funds went toward the development of a new section of the gallery called Lab Zone, a place where visitors can learn more about genomics – the study of an organism’s complete set of DNA and how it builds and maintains the body.

The Lab Zone will include lab equipment and activities aimed at teaching students about senses, lungs, memory, germs and reflexes.

"Genome BC is investing $200,000 into the BodyWorks gallery to further and deepen the understanding of genomics for B.C.’s people of all ages," said Dr. Pascal Spothelfer, president and CEO of Genome BC. "This enhanced exhibit complements our classroom visits, traveling suitcases and online activities run through our Geneskool program specifically targeted at young students."

The gallery is set to open on June 30 and will be a permanent feature at Science World.