Nurses, doctors and scientists have most respected jobs: poll

Insights West survey highlights views of range of professions


Canadians have a positive view of women and men in the fields of medicine and science, a new poll shows.

About four in five Canadians reported having a positive view of nurses (92%), doctors (89%), and scientists (89%), according to a new survey by Insights West.

Close runner-ups to the list included: farmers (88%), veterinarians (88%), architects (87%), teachers (85%), engineers (84%), accountants (81%), and dentists (81%).

The survey also found a split in opinions among Canadians for certain professions, including: building contractors (54%), lawyers (50%), realtors and real estate agents (50%), bankers (50%), and business executives (47%).

Approximately three in four Canadians reported having a negative view of politicians (72%), which was followed by car salespeople (66%), pollsters (48%), business executives (47%), and lawyers (46%).

“As was the case in 2016, politicians and car salespeople are not particularly revered by Canadians,” says Mario Canseco, vice-president of public affairs at Insights West. “Still, there are some subtle differences across provinces and age groups when it comes to other professions.”