Business travel apps aimed at smoothing the trip

From organizers to offline maps, apps tailored to a wide range of out-of-town issues


Business trips can be stressful, especially when you have to travel on short notice or go to unfamiliar locations.

Thanks to advances in technology, smartphones now have an array of apps that help travellers get from Point A to Point B with no problems. These apps are especially helpful for business professionals as they are meant to assist them before, during and after a trip.


Keeping track of expenses while on a trip can be challenging when you have to keep receipts for reimbursements or expense reports. Concur is an app that keeps track for you. Instead of having to check your bank mobile app to see where you’ve spent money, just take a picture of your receipt and Concur will store data of your expenses in the app. You can also submit expense reports from the app and have travel requests approved. Use of the app is restricted to those who have a Concur account.

Cost: Free on iTunes and Google Play


TripIt is a travel itinerary app that can be used for business or leisure travel. You can link your travel confirmation details directly to TripIt from your email and the app will keep track of your flight details. Another version of the app called TripIt Pro will inform you of flight delays and gate changes. TripIt Pro also provides information about alternative flights and helps you keep track of your rewards program points or miles. TripIt can also connect your trip to Concur so your expenses and itinerary can be accessed in one place.

Cost: TripIt is free on iTunes and Google Play; TripIt Pro costs US$49 a year


This is another travel organizer app where you can input your travel details and the app will store your itinerary. You can manually enter your flight details or you can send your flight confirmation details to TripCase, which will input the details for you. You can also input hotel and car rental details into TripCase as well to help keep track of all other bookings. TripCase also provides free flight alerts and trip notifications, including information about flight delays, gate changes or cancellations.

Cost: Free on iTunes and Google Play (add-on features available within app)

XE Currency:

This currency conversion app is most helpful for those who travel outside of North America. It provides regular updates about exchange rates, and users can also keep track of specific rates by setting up an alert system. The app also provides charts displaying the history of the exchange rate for specific currencies.

Cost: Free on iTunes and Google Play

An offline map that helps you navigate a new city even if you don’t have data or Wi-Fi. The map is worldwide and locates points of interest through an offline search tool. You can drop pins on specific locations to help you find your way back to origin points and the app works through turn-by-turn navigation. The app can be used while driving, walking or cycling. You can save locations by bookmarking them and can share location information with others (when data or network is available).

Cost: Free on iTunes and Google Play


A popular alternative to taxis, Uber is a ride-hailing app that allows you to book a car from the app and have it pick you up and drop you off. Uber connects to your credit card so you don’t have to pay at your final destination. Uber will send you a receipt for your trip and will charge your card directly. Operating in most countries around the world (but not in Vancouver).

Cost: Free on iTunes and Google Play


A unique form of car rental, Turo allows customers to rent cars through a peer-to-peer forum. Owners put their cars on Turo to be rented for specific daily rates and renters can take their pick from a variety of cars to choose from. Renters can add insurance to their rental and can also find cars available for free delivery. Turo gives those on a task the freedom to travel at their own pace. Turo is available in many cities across the U.S. and U.K., and has even made its way to a few cities in Canada as well – though not yet Vancouver.

Cost: Free on iTunes and Google Play


AwardWallet helps business travellers keep track of all their frequent flyer points and hotel points in one place. Once you sign up and input your reward programs, AwardWallet will allow you to monitor when you get points, and how many. The app will keep track of many loyalty programs, and can inform you when your points are about to expire. It can help ensure that your points are redeemed on time.

Cost: Free on iTunes and Google Play

WhatsApp Messenger:

This chat messenger app that works over Wi-Fi or data is used around the world. WhatsApp works like iMessage or text message, but is available through an app and can connect people using different phone models – such as an iPhone user trying to make contact with an Android user. When you download the app, all your contacts who have WhatsApp will appear in your contacts list. You can send photos, videos and voice notes, and create group chats through this medium. WhatsApp now also offers audio and video calling over Wi-Fi or data. The app can also be connected to your computer.

Cost: Free on iTunes or Google Play

Hotel Tonight:

Sometimes, travelling involves flight delays, cancellations and sudden changes of plan. It can be difficult to find new accommodations on short notice, but Hotel Tonight can help users find last-minute hotel deals up to seven days in advance. Hotels list unsold rooms through the app, allowing customers to snag deals for those unexpected trips.

Cost: Free on iTunes or Google Play


Packing for a trip can often get difficult when issues like unexpected weather come into play. PackPoint is an app that checks the weather at your final destination and lists items for you to pack in accordance to the forecast during your trip. PackPoint also looks at the length of your stay and activities you will be embarking on during your trip. With that information, PackPoint compiles a custom packing list that you can share with fellow colleagues. PackPoint can also be connected to TripIt to help create your packing list.

Cost: Free on iTunes or Google Play