Indochino expands HQ, moves to Granville Street

Custom suit-seller also announces managment-team promotions

Indochino's new headquarters is across Robson Street from CF Pacific Centre | Ken Wan/Arc Architectural Photography 

Custom suit-seller Indochino has more than doubled the size of its head office by taking 14,700 square feet of space above the Old Navy store at the corner of Robson and Granville streets, CEO Drew Green told Business in Vancouver.

The new headquarters has an additional 4,000 square feet of patio space, he added.

“Today is the first day,” Green said on September 5. “It looks a lot like our showrooms now. We designed the head office in a way that really complements the brand.”

Indochino previously leased about 6,000 square feet of space for a headquarters on Homer Street near Nelson Street.

About 80 employees will work at the Granville Street office and many of them have recently received promotions.

“It’s not a management team shake-up,” Green said. “It’s just promotions. Nobody has been replaced or is being replaced. It’s continued development of a team that we have.

One former employee, Michael MacIntyre, took a sabbatical and is returning to be vice-president of e-commerce and omnichannel strategy.

No one had previously filled that role, Green said.

Peter Housley will transition from being chief marketing officer to being chief revenue officer.

Janet Jensen, meanwhile, is the company’s new vice-president of experience after previously serving as director of people and culture.

Natasha Moseley has been promoted to director of project management

while Lisa Craveiro becomes the new director of acquisition and will focus on driving omnichannel customer growth.

“It’s really about taking the business and getting rid of any silos,” Green said. “Retail and online sales will be looked at as one business. We’ll have an omniview.”