Almost half of all B.C. workers unsatisfied with amount of vacation days: survey

The holiday season is less than two months away, and while many British Columbians are planning to take time off work, many employees say they do not get enough vacation days.

Almost half of all workers in the province – 45% – say they don’t get enough time off work, according to an Expedia survey. This is better than the national average of 53%; in fact, British Columbians are the least likely to say they aren’t getting enough of a break. Quebec was the most vacation-deprived province at 58%.

The vast majority of Canadian workers – 94% – say they feel less stressed after taking time off, and 95% say they are happy. Most workers (89%) say they are better able to focus on work after coming back from a vacation.

The most vacation-deprived industry in Canada was agriculture (62%), followed by retail. Workers in the finance and legal industry (47%) were much less likely to say they didn’t get enough time off. Canadians aged 18-34 were less likely than those aged 50% (64% compared with 40%, respectively). Meanwhile, most Canadians (67%) said they felt they deserved more days off than they were given.

The survey found 54% of employees spend time planning their next vacation at work.

Globally, Canadians came in as the 10th most vacation-deprived country. Workers in South Korea were the most deprived, and Norwegian employees were the least.