Nearly 2,400 employed on Site C in September

There were at least 200 layoffs in September as contractor Peace River Hydro Partners stopped portions of work

Tunnelling equipment on the north bank of the Peace River in August 2017 | BC Hydro

The Site C workforce totalled 2,375 in September, according to BC Hydro’s latest employment statistics.

The large majority of workers, 81 per cent, continued to be B.C. workers, with 1,917 employed as construction and non-construction contractors, engineers and project team staff.

There were 593 workers from the Peace River Regional District performing construction and non-construction work, or 25 per cent of the total workforce.

BC Hydro says there were 13 foreign workers employed on the project in July, along with 49 apprentices, 172 First Nations people, and 354 women. 

The majority of the project's construction and non-construction workforce continues to be heavy equipment operators, with just under 500 employed working on the project in September, followed by 250 labourers, nearly 200 engineers, and more than 200 professionals and technicians. 

Workforce numbers are collected monthly from contractors, which are also required under contract to report on indigenous inclusion and women participation on the project.

There were at least 200 confirmed layoffs in September as main civil contractor Peace River Hydro Partners stopped portions of work on both sides of the Peace River.

BC Hydro has previously said layoffs are still captured in consolidated employment statistics as anyone who worked on the project in a given month is still recorded as a worker. 

Site C employment numbers are publicly reported monthly. Statistics for October will be published in December.