NDP government opts for hybrid cannabis sales model

New model will allow sale of marijuana through government stores and private retailers

It's not clear yet whether British Columbians will be able to buy both Bud and bud at government liquor stores, or whether new marijuana-only stores will be established.

The NDP government has announced a hybrid retail model for recreational marijuana that will give it control over distribution but allow the private sector to participate in retail sales of the drug.

It announced its long-awaited provincial regulations for recreational marijuana use and sale on December 5 in anticipation of legalization at the federal level in July 2018.

The legal age for marijuana use will be 19 – the same as it is for alcohol.

The government will control wholesale distribution of recreational marijuana under the BC Liquor Distribution Branch.

But as with alcohol sales, recreational marijuana will be sold both through government-operated stores and private retailers.

It’s not yet clear whether marijuana will be sold through existing government liquor stores or whether sales of the two products will be kept separate by creating new stores that sell marijuana only.

Details of how the new model will be rolled out is still subject to public consultations