Vancouver kicks Toronto out of top spot for Canada’s most expensive one-bedroom rent: PadMapper


Vancouver is back on top.

In the month of April, Toronto had dethroned Vancouver as the country’s most expensive city in which to rent a one-bedroom apartment. As of May, however, Vancouver is once again number one, according to the latest figures from PadMapper, which take into account median rents for all homes currently available to rent or vacant. The data does not include homes that are already rented out.

In May, the average Vancouver one-bedroom rent increased 4.5% to $2,100, while Toronto saw a 2% increase to $2,080.

Vancouver remains firmly in the top spot for two-bedroom rents, which stayed flat at $3,200. Toronto saw an increase of 1.1% to $2,650 for this home type.

Top 10 highest rents across Canada in May (source: PadMapper):

Rents May 2018

PadMapper’s statistics include rental data for Canada’s 25 biggest metropolitan areas in terms of population size.