Burnaby requests $7 million to keep sewage out of Burrard Inlet

City wants to separate sewer lines from storm drains

Photo: Mike Wakefield

Burnaby is asking senior levels of government for $7 million to prevent sewage from flowing into Burrard Inlet.

City council approved a grant request seeking the funds from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

If approved, the funds would be used to separate sewage carrying pipes from lines carrying surface runoff from storm drains. 

Doing so “reduces the likelihood of combined sewer overflows, and therefore improves the water quality within the Burrard Inlet and Fraser River and reduces sewer treatment costs,” according to a staff report.

Nearly 65 per cent of the municipality’s combined sewers have already been separated, leaving only 49 kilometres of combined lines, the report says.

If approved, the cash would go towards at $9.6 million plan to separate the sewer lines, as well as replace water mains, rehabilitate roads and install IT conduits. 

The plan targets North Burnaby due to its proximity to Burrard Inlet.

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