What are we reading? September 13, 2018


Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.

Kirk LaPointe, editor-in-chief:

A law student has upended the concept of an anti-trust monopoly, focusing on the power of Amazon, and is the talk of Washington. - The New York Times



Ten years after the financial crash, the effects remain, and journalist M.H. Miller has lived through it. His story illuminates the personal mess as he tried to launch a career. - The Baffler



There have been several strong examinations of the supply management issue in our dairy business, but this in-depth piece is arguably the best. It looks pretty much at the history of trade as it delves into the Canada-US dispute. - Quartz



Veteran journalist Sandra Martin writes thoughtfully on the impending challenge of dealing with an aged society. - The Walrus



An alumnus writes about the loss of The Village Voice, once the bastion of left-of-centre writing and analysis. - The Baffler



Timothy Renshaw, managing editor:

In addition to being a leading distributor of political hot air, the U.S. is now officially the world’s largest producer of crude oil. - U.S. Energy Information Administration



Climate change, financial fears driving investor exodus from fossil fuels. US$6 trillion and counting. - The Guardian



What’s the state of public infrastructure in Canada? StatCan ready to rollout its first national survey. Might be potholes ahead. - Statistics Canada



Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor:
After working behind the scenes for months lobbying against Trump’s tariffs, a coalition of more than 85 U.S. business groups takes its fight public under the name Americans for Free Trade – Reuters

Mastercard enlists Microsoft help in developing a new digital platform aimed at helping smaller businesses navigate the labyrinth of cross-border commerce – Financial Post

Emma Crawford Hampel, online editor:

Lyft’s bid to rule the streets includes public transit. “Helping customers avoid your service can seem a strange move until you consider it in the context of Lyft’s greater mission: becoming the ultimate transportation middleman.” - Wired



Glen Korstrom, reporter:

This article gives a good overview of how the Indonesian rupiah currency’s fall - 9% so far this year, to nearly an all-time low versus the US dollar - is influencing government policy in the run-up to April 2019 elections - Nikkei Asian Review



Interesting take on Amazon.com Inc.’s blind spots and why the e-commerce giant may not be the eternal juggernaut that some believe it to be - Business of Fashion



Nelson Bennett, reporter:

Has the EU just figured out how to save journalism? With newspapers shutting down around the world and newsrooms reduced to skeleton crews, the mainstream media needs to figure out how to monetize content that is shared for free on the Internet. A new law passed by the European Union will require Internet platforms like Google, Facebook and Apple to pay the original content producers every time a news story or video is shared on their platforms.  – Buzzfeed



Carrie Schmidt, editorial researcher:

Ten Things I Never Knew About Las Vegas Until I Ran a High-Roller Suite  - Bloomberg