PHOTOS: A look inside the province's first B.C. Cannabis Store in Kamloops

Media was given a tour ahead of the opening

All photos: Eric Thompson

Media got a tour of the B.C. Cannabis Store in Kamloops Wednesday morning, prior to the doors opening to the public at 10 a.m.

The design theme of the store is "West Coast casual."

"It's pretty open. It's pretty airy. It's light. It's bright," said Blain Lawson, general manager and CEO of the Liquor Distribution Branch.

Windows are frosted up to five feet, as per Health Canada regulations.

"You cannot see into the store. You're not allowed to see the product visible from the street," said Lawson. "We're making sure it looks nice from the outside but children won't be able to see into the store."

The layout is in a circular pattern, with customers coming in from the left, instead of the right. 

"As you flow through the store, the first thing you see is social responsibility messaging," he said. "(It's) a pretty easy store to navigate, lots of informational signage, touch-screens in the middle that'll give you information as it relates to the product."








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