Small budget, big results

Being able to do more with less has become the name of the game in the world of digital marketing. Producing great results with a small budget has become the norm, as companies continue to optimize their marketing approaches. Small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners have jumped on this trend by using more precise forms of advertising, such as digital marketing. Here are a few ways digital marketing provides great value with small budgets.


Demographics and optimization

Digital marketing is an extremely valuable advertising channel due to the amount of data that can be pulled from a campaign. The gender, age, interests and engagement of your target audience can be observed and recorded in order to allow you to properly optimize your content. Having content that is better suited to the interests and needs of your demographic will help you increase engagement with your target market.

If a pizzeria’s owners were advertising on a digital marketing platform like Google or Bing, they would be able to see the interests, age and gender of the people who click on their ads. They would be able to alter their content to better suit the interests mentioned before, but they could also create events or targeted promotions as well. This would help the pizzeria owners to better present their business to further attract their key demographic.


Tracking your performance

Coupled with the enhanced demographic information, the tracking aspect of digital marketing allows you to view the results of your ads in real time. Tracking your ad’s results in real time allows you to alter your campaign targets or spending in order to optimize your performance without increasing your initial investment. It allows you to customize and change your ads on the fly if you feel they’re underperforming. Therefore, if you see an advertisement has not attained your desired results, you can immediately go back to the drawing board and edit your campaign to better optimize your results.

The value here is that digital campaigns can be altered and adapted at will, making them a great option for businesses. The ability to optimize campaigns in order to take advantage of a social trend or cultural event further adds value to the adaptive capacity of digital marketing.


Ready-to-buy customers

Digital marketing platforms such as Yellow Pages Listings can help SMB owners to expand their reach, but also increase their significant interactions with potential customers. In fact, 66% of the eight million Canadians who visit engage in a meaningful contact. That is a much higher rate than with other forms of marketing, as more and more Canadians are turning to digital listings and search engines to find what they’re looking for.

The use of listings such as and the YP app has increased over the years as the majority of Canadians moved to internet and mobile searches for their everyday queries. Services like Yellow Pages’ Priority Placements and Mobile Placements allow small businesses to reach their business goals by trending higher than the competition. The affordable price point and tailor-made campaign management provided by Priority Placements allow SMB owners in Canada to gain valuable exposure without spending above their budget.

In the end, ensuring that your business is visible when customers are searching is the highest value digital marketing can provide, and Yellow Pages is a leader in providing Canadian SMBs with maximum exposure. The use of digital marketing is the best way to promote a potential sale, as a user is more likely to be ready to buy than with any other form of advertising. Users will then focus on the first few businesses that trend the highest, giving you the best possible standing versus your competition and greatly increasing your chances of a sale.


Digital is the future

Digital marketing provides you with incredible value, no matter your budget. You are able to acquire significant information in regards to demographics, which you can then utilize to alter your content or marketing approach. Furthermore, the ability to track performance of your digital ads with a real-time dashboard is an added value that print advertising simply cannot offer. You can make changes on the fly due to market fluctuations or social trends, further optimizing your performance with your key demographic.

Yellow Pages’ Priority Placements and Mobile Placements are great options for new and experienced business owners who are looking to get noticed and increase their number of meaningful engagements. To learn more about how you can harness the power of digital marketing, check out Yellow Pages now.