Filld launches gas delivery service for personal vehicles in Vancouver

Customers use mobile app to book fill-ups for their cars

San Francisco-based Filld Inc. offers mobile gasoline fill-ups for vehicles. It launched its services for personal vehicles in Metro Vancouver on November 15 | Chung Chow

Metro Vancouver commuters sick of scouring the streets for gas stations now have a new fill-up option.

San Francisco-based Filld, Inc. announced Thursday (November 15) it has officially launched its mobile gas delivery service for personal vehicles in Vancouver.

CEO Michael Buhr told Business in Vancouver last month the company would be offering services in the city proper, as well as Burnaby, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

Locals may have already spotted Filld trucks filling up Car2Go’s car-share vehicles after striking a deal with the company last year.

Customers use Filld’s website to order a gas-delivery truck to a location during a specific time window to fill up a parked vehicle.

After placing an order through Filld's website, customers are instructed to leave the vehicle’s gas flap open before delivery drivers arrive to fill up the vehicle and re-secure the gas flap.

Buhr told BIV in October Filld would charge customers $4 per visit in addition to the cost of gasoline. The visit fee has now been set at $5.

If there are multiple vehicles in a person’s driveway that require a fill-up, customers will be charged the $5 for the one visit to that location.

Its gasoline costs are pegged to an algorithm the company uses that calculates the average price of gasoline sold at surrounding gas stations.

Last month Buhr described the cost as “the same amount roughly as if you took your car to a gas station.”

The push into Metro Vancouver — Filld’s first launch outside the U.S. — comes after securing a US$15-million investment co-led by Parkland Fuel Corporation (TSX: PKI).

The Calgary company might be best known among drivers as the operator of Chevron stations in B.C.

“We are committed to ensuring motorists have easy access to high-quality fuel products no matter where they are in Vancouver. Together with Filld, we plan to grow this service in major markets across Canada,” Ian White, Parkland’s vice-president of strategic marketing, said in a statement.