Profits from slots drive growth at B.C. casinos

Top casinos on Business in Vancouver list rely more on table game revenue


Revenue growth among the province’s casinos and gaming centres could be characterized as the tale of two casinos. 

While two of the three top facilities on Business in Vancouver’s list of the biggest casinos and bingo halls in B.C. are more reliant on table game revenue, the majority lower on the list are relying on slot machines.

Casino price chart

Despite a higher reliance on table games, the top five casinos, including River Rock Casino Resort and Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, saw average table game revenue grow at a fraction of the rate of slot machine revenue. However, companies lower on the list actually had their table game revenue grow at a faster rate than those higher on the list. Average slot machine revenue for all casino and gaming centres on the list increased by 7% compared with average table game revenue, which increased by 4.4%.

Slot machines

Slot machines as a whole generate higher revenues for the industry, with the average casino collecting $60 million annually in slot machine revenue compared with $39.5 million in average table game revenue.