20 Vancouver experiences that make awesome gifts

An alternative to buying someone a physical gift could be giving a gift certificate to experience float tank therapy | Float House

Gift giving doesn’t have to be about stuff. Skip the material goods this year and give an experience that will do anything from build skills to create memories, and offers a lot of fun in between.

Not only does an experience mean ditching some tangible object that may end up re-gifted or in the landfill, but it also makes the joy of the holidays last a little longer, and often well into the new year–like when the weather is warmer.

This is a call to get creative, too. Write a coupon book of IOUs for anything from a promise to take the lucky recipient to a big festival next summer, or for a few hours of babysitting to some tired parents. And, hey, we won’t blame you if you work yourself into the experience, too. Win-win!

Here are 20 Vancouver (or nearby) experiences you can give as gifts this Christmas. We’ve provided links to some specific vendors; for others you’ll need to figure out what works best for your recipient.

1. Cooking classes at Dirty Apron and Cook Culture (or look for specialty classes and workshops)
2. Improv lessons or workshops 
3. First Nation Kayak Tours
4. Tarot Card Reading
5. Guitar or Ukulele building classes 
6. Tickets to Vancouver Craft Beer Week 
7. Off the Eaten Track Gourmet Ice Cream Tours
8. Vancouver Brewery Tours
9. Float Tank Therapy (Pure Float, Float House)
10. Whale Watching
11. Dining at Dark Table
12. Introduction to Fly Fishing course from Pacific Angler
13. Spa visit. We have tons of amazing spas in Vancouver, from the indulgent downtown luxury hotels to something smaller in your neighbourhood. There’s always Scandinive in Whistler for a special experience.
14. Mani/pedi from a favourite shop
15. Kombucha making class from o5
16. Vancouver Aquarium membership or tickets to a special event like their sleepover or adults-only night


After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium (Photo courtesy Vancouver Aquarium)

17. Vancouver Art Gallery membership
18. Theatre, opera, or concert tickets
19. Grouse Mountain passes
20. Sea to Sky Gondola

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