Nishant Singh

Co-founder and director, Alliance Maintenance Ltd., Age 35

Rob Kruyt photo

The best advice Nishant Singh, co-founder and director of Alliance Maintenance Ltd., received about entering the business world was from his father, who told him that when he was ready to start his first business, he should try everything.

Singh’s father said eventually something would work, and that when it did, his son should put everything into his effort to build on it.

For most of his early career, Singh worked as an events co-ordinator and operations manager for educational facilities. He received his bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University with a major in communications and then went on to work at JPMorgan Chase & Co. for two years.

During this time, Singh started to feel the need to do something more substantial. So he and his business partner put $100 into starting their first business, a door-to-door cleaning company, and quit the finance industry. Now, the janitorial and building management company serves over 11,583 condos in the Lower Mainland daily and generates $3.5 million annually.

It was one of the riskiest moves he had ever made – and, to date, one of the best. But if his career achievements are notable, so too are his philanthropic commitments. Singh is a passionate advocate for the mental health movement and works tirelessly to build support and funding for contribution.

Alliance is an inclusive employer and takes pride in the diversity of its staff. Working with social organizations such as Mosaic, Success, WorkBC and Coast Mental Health, Alliance seeks to help the movement towards sustained mental health rehabilitation by providing employees with personal support, professional counselling and top-tier medical benefits.

“Our real priority is recognizing that all of our employees are human; each and every one of them has a unique and beautiful story to tell,” he said. “Our aim is simply to help people as best we can and help their story be a fulfilling one.”

Singh hopes one day the stigma surrounding mental health issues can be eradicated and all people can have fair opportunities for employment.

Birthplace: East Vancouver 

Where you live now: Olympic Village

Highest level of education: Bachelor of communications from Simon Fraser University

Currently reading: Encyclopedia of Technology and Innovation Management

Currently listening to: Migos, “Bosses Don’t Speak”

When you were a kid, what you wanted to be when you grew up: Super tall – still waiting

Profession you would most like to try: A pilot 

Toughest business or professional decision: The toughest decision my business partner and I ever made was to quit our stable careers in finance and become janitors. Best decision I ever made

Advice you would give the younger you: Stay resourceful, stay truthful and most importantly stay humble

What’s left to do: We must end the negative stigma placed on janitors. Janitors can be CEOs, CEOs can be janitors, and each individual has the potential for both. The industry is filled with hard-working people who deserve a fair shot at employment. Let’s all take a step back and end the useless labels we put on each other. I’m ready to walk the walk and lucky I have a talented team of staff to join me

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