Burnaby’s tallest building ‘topped off’ as Brentwood megaproject grows

A view of North Burnaby from 614 feet in the air at Shape's Amazing Brentwood project | Photo: Ryan Broda

Steven Cirotto stood at the microphone Friday and talked about growing up in the Heights.

The operations manager for the construction company Axiom said he still remembers how special Christmas was as a child at Brentwood Town Centre.

Today, he still lives in North Burnaby and is able to look out his home’s window as see what he’s helping build as part of the Amazing Brentwood megaproject that is transforming the area.

“This is really special,” he told a crowd of staff from Axiom – which is building the residential towers - and Shape - the developers behind the entire project – who were attending a special “topping off” ceremony to mark the final concrete pour.

At a dizzying 614 feet, Tower Two is the tallest building in Burnaby (Tower One is the same height and is nearing completion). They are part of 11 residential buildings that will eventually be built on the site.

Together, the two towers will add 1,154 homes to the city of Burnaby. Tower One includes 300 purpose-built rental homes with additional rental inventory to come in future phases. 

When complete, The Amazing Brentwood will bring more than 6,000 homes to the community. There will be new shops, restaurants, office space and a one-acre civic plaza to host events and celebrations. Cineplex is also planning a VIP theatre. The first phase of development, including the first two towers, will open later in 2019. 

The NOW was at the ceremony and some of the staff said they have been involved in the project since it was first conceived way back in 2009.

“It’s a game-changer for urban development,” said Darren Kwiatkowski, executive vice president, development and acquisitions at SHAPE.

A full team of specialists was engaged to execute this project alongside SHAPE. This team includes James Cheng, the world-renowned architect who collaborated with SHAPE on the master plan design and Axiom, the construction manager for the residential towers.  

Residents will move into Tower One’s 591 homes this summer and Tower Two’s 563 homes before the end of the year. In total, 1,380 homes have sold, with the next release coming this year.

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