This picturesque village is close to Vancouver and makes the perfect spring break getaway

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Spring break is right around the corner for British Columbians and many families haven’t decided how they’ll spend the time off.

Of course, there are endless options – from Walt Disneyland to Hawaii to New York – that are right across the border. However, there is one destination that doesn’t require a plane ticket, yet will completely transport you into another world.

Located a four-and-a-half hour drive from Vancouver, Leavenworth transports visitors into the heart of Bavaria. Indeed, the picturesque Washington village looks exactly like a German town. With alpine rooftops, adorable shuttered windows, latticework features, horse-drawn carriages, beer gardens, and more, the destination offers an experience you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in North America.

Leavenworth also has an impressive Nutcracker Museum that holds thousands of nutcrackers. What’s more, it is located in the Cascade Mountains and is close to a number of ski resorts. There are also a number of wineries nearby, so it is ideal for wine tours.

This idillic locale has a number of family-friendly activities planned through spring break. As a result, both youngsters and their grown-ups may enjoy a selection of fun activities. For example, on multiple days throughout the break there will be a number of self-guided “Nutcracker Hunts” for beginning readers all the way through adults. Participants are given a list of nutcrackers and then set off in the museum to locate them.

The town also has a great deal of live music performances to enjoy at its local bars and bistros. Also, there are après ski parties available for people returning after a long day on the ski hills.

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