BREAKING: Kenney’s UCP secure majority in Alberta

Notley's NDP will serve as official opposition in a two-party legislature

What happened: The new United Conservative Party have secured a majority government in Alberta’s provincial election.

Why it matters: Alberta will have a two-party legislature with New Democratic Party serving as official opposition. The switch brings with it potential implications for Canada's climate initiatives and for B.C.'s energy security.

Alberta's new United Conservative Party (UCP) has secured a majority government.

The party, led by former federal conservative member of parliament Jason Kenney, needed 44 seats to secure a majority. By 9 p.m. PT on Tuesday evening, the UCP had won 61 seats, according to unofficial results from Elections Alberta. 

The same unofficial results show that after four years in office, Alberta's New Democratic Party (NDP) under Premier Rachel Notley have secured 26 ridings. They will serve as official opposition to the UCP.

No other parties saw representatives elected.

Both Notley and Kenney have been elected to their respective ridings.

This is the first election for the UCP, which brought together representatives from Alberta's Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta.