Delta pot could be used for beauty products

Casey Houweling’s Delta greenhouse operation retrofit to cannabis will be split into three phases | Photo: Houweling Nurseries

A large-scale Delta greenhouse that’s making the switch to cannabis will also have a connection to a company specializing in beauty products made from the pot.

Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. announced it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire 100 per cent of the issued and outstanding common voting shares of Canutra Naturals Ltd.

Canutra is a Canadian cannabidiol cosmetics/topicals manufacturing company. It cultivates, extracts, manufactures and markets skincare, cosmetics and cannabinoid product lines from its flagship facility in Kent County, New Brunswick.

Canutra’s consumer brands include Whole Hemp Health, a Canadian all-natural, hand-made skincare line that’s formulated with organic hemp seed oil.

Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. also has a subsidiary, Delta Organic Cannabis, which has a stake in Agraflora Organics International Inc.

Agraflora last year announced its partnership with Houweling Nurseries in East Ladner that will see the conversion of the 2.2-million-square-foot Ladner greenhouse for cannabis production. The 20-hectare (49-acre) facility on 64th Street will be the second largest cannabis greenhouse facility in Canada among those that are currently physically built.

Agraflora explained it will be retrofitting the Houweling greenhouse in three stages, aiming to make the facility fully operational by 2021.

Last year the company also announced a partnership with Houweling Nurseries owner Casey Houweling to form a venture called Propagation Services Canada Inc.  to provide  “flower  ready”  starter  plants  to  cannabis  cultivators  in  Canada  and internationally.

AgraFlora will focus on medical cannabis and not recreational pot. It is also working with potential pharma partners and offtakes of cannabis.

“The market has changed as a number of current clients have switched to cannabis, including Village Farms and SunSelect in Delta. This has forced the change in the business to keep our long-serving staff employed and continue to service our clients,” said David Parry, president and director of Propagation Services Canada, in an email to the Optimist earlier this year.

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