Practical ways to help green your business

Vancouver Public Library picks point to principled, profitable avenues for companies to become more sustainable


Save the Earth and your bottom line by greening your business this spring. This selection of resources will help inspire and show you how to take the steps for sustainability.

Will Big Business Destroy Our Planet? by Peter Dauvergne


Is the phrase “corporate social responsibility” just the latest buzzword? Or is it genuine? Peter Dauvergne debunks the idea that big businesses like Walmart and Coca-Cola can lead the way in promoting sustainability and preventing environmental disaster, because of their underlying goals for growth and profit. Although the environmental impact is at a lesser scale for smaller companies, the information is valuable for entrepreneurs to help reframe their perspective.

A Simple Path to Sustainability: Green Business Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


This resource will help entrepreneurs looking to adopt practical green business strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises. Twelve U.S. case studies across different industries are profiled to demonstrate successful sustainability projects and practices that will inspire leaders on their own path towards environmental stewardship.

Starting a Green Business in Canada: How to Make a Difference – and Prosper by Ramona Materi


If you’re looking to start up your own environmentally conscious Canadian company, this is the book for you. Let local author, environmental scientist and CEO Ramona Materi take you through the green business scene in British Columbia and beyond, with concrete case studies and practical advice on developing sustainable corporate practices.  

A World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions by Muhammad Yunus


Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist and father of modern microfinancing Muhammad Yunus delivers a scathing criticism of corporate capitalism in his latest release. Yunus proposes a new system of commerce that is socially and environmentally responsible while nevertheless remaining profitable.

Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses by E. Freya Williams


E. Freya Williams looks at nine different companies that shine when it comes to incorporating a social ethics agenda into profit making. Examples like Chipotle, Ikea and Toyota are shown as successful businesses that have strong sustainability platforms. Green Giants outlines six focus areas that lead to success, including a strong company purpose and “outside the box” leadership techniques. Full of interviews and tips that would fit into businesses everywhere, this book is worth a read if you are looking for examples to emulate.