Get your hands on these grown up DIY S’mores at this Vancouver bar

Photo: Courtesy of Key Party

Gooey marshmallows toasted over a flame, paired with crunchy graham crackers and melted chocolate is the ultimate summertime campfire treat.

But if you can’t make it to the campfire, you can find campfire-inspired fun on your next night out at Key Party. The Vancouver bar has put a fun DIY grown up S’mores dessert on the menu, perfect for those summer nights.

Tell me more, tell me more, you say? Key Party’s S’mores legit pack the heat thanks to the table-top sterno heaters that come with your order. You’ll get to work roasting marshmallows on chocolate Pocky sticks before meshing the melty goodness with Nutella (in a cute mini jar) and house-made graham crackers infused with Grand Marnier.

Perfect for a hot date (wink) or a fun night out with friends, the S’mores join the roster of nostalgia-tinged foods and wittily-named cocktails on the menu at this speakeasy-style Main Street 70s-theme bar.

Situated next to Rumpus Room, Key Party is a walk-in only nighttime spot that you access by entering the storefront named Zottenberg and Sons Accounting. Get ready to soak up the retro vibes (and your jello shots) with these playful summery S’mores. They’re open daily starting at 5 p.m.

Key Party is located at 2303 Main Street in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

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