Ditching time changes supported by British Columbians

Survey shows 93% support for move to permanent daylight saving time


A provincial government survey indicates 93% of British Columbians are tired of time changes twice a year and want to move to permanent daylight saving time.

More than 93% of 223,273 British Columbians who completed the province's survey on time observance indicated they would prefer a permanent change.

"The people of British Columbia have spoken and their collective voice has come through loudly and clearly," Premier John Horgan said. "This engagement has done exactly as we hoped it would in providing clarity about a preferred direction,.

“The insights generated will be relied upon as we make a final decision about how to move forward."

The survey found the desire to do away with time changes was consistent throughout B.C. , with more than 90% of respondents in each region agreeing.

Some 54% said it was "important" or "very important" for B.C. to be aligned with neighbouring jurisdictions in time observance practices.

Change to one time was supported by the Union of B.C. Municipalities at its convention last September. The approved motion said the time shift can have a “negative impact on people’s health and cognitive awareness.”

Horgan said survey results would be considered with decisions made by jurisdictions in Canada and the western United States as Victoria takes the next steps.

Lawmakers in Washington, Oregon and California are in various stages of creating or enacting legislation that, pending federal approval, would see those states adopt year-round observance of daylight saving time, the province said.

Moves to ditch the time change are not new.

Two Kamloops residents got more than 26,000 names on a petition to abolish the practice in 2015

Alberta also considered a similar move after more than 20,000 Albertans wrote letters supporting dumping time changes.