Putting time back into your small business

Prospera Credit Union offers financial services to help alleviate pressure on small business owners.

Running a modern-day small business is hard work. Studies show that nearly 40% of small business owners work more than a 60-hour week. But for those small business owners, saving time might be easier than you think.

Companies like Prospera Credit Union offer practical ways to save valuable minutes in a business owner’s busy day. Their integrated online banking solutions ease time-consuming tasks like creating and collecting on invoices, organizing payrolls, handling cash flow via e-transfers and depositing cheques through a phone. It all happens on one convenient platform at a cost substantially lower than that of many external providers.

A small business owner wears a lot of hats. They are the president, the HR and marketing manager, the IT guy and the sales team,” says Bryan McIntosh, Senior Manager, Local Business, at Prospera. “Time is their biggest asset.” 

Time the biggest asset

Many small business owners spend valuable time meticulously understanding every facet of their company – be it accounts, marketing or sales, says McIntosh. But outsourcing a company’s financial heavy lifting can give owners the chance to focus on expanding their business.

“Business owners need to learn enough to be competent in these areas and then work with trusted partners in the marketplace that can help grow their business, and we’re part of that.”

McIntosh says that Prospera’s goal is to find a solution for those owners who might not know where to look or whom to talk to about their finances in their hectic day-to-day environments. 

Business Relationship Managers on call

Prospera’s Business Relationship Managers help to bridge that gap. They make life simpler for small business owners who are looking for new ways to organize their finances.

“The Business Relationship Manager role is like a private banking experience for the small business owner,” says McIntosh.

The ability to go straight through a Business Relationship Manager for business banking, personal banking and investment inquiries provides streamlined and efficient financial assistance. This means that clients have a direct line to one point of contact at Prospera for any finance-related question.

“Our Business Relationship Managers are 100% mobile; we do business wherever and whenever people want to do business,” says McIntosh.

Local, advice-based service

For many small business owners, finding sound financial advice and assistance that they can trust is a challenge. Prospera hopes to not only save business owners time, but also provide an authentic, face-to-face financial service.

By offering a local, B.C.-based experience, Prospera is capable of guiding businesses in the direction they want, marrying its services with those of other trusted partners in the local market.

“Our decision making is here in B.C.,” says McIntosh, “and we know our local markets. We spend a lot of time understanding our members’ true circumstances, goals and dreams to try and build exactly what they need.”