What are we reading? September 12, 2019


Each week, BIV staff will share with you some of the interesting stories we have found from around the web.


Timothy Renshaw, managing editor:

Rereading Politics and the English Language and other George Orwell essays in preparation for the upcoming torrent of dead metaphors, meaningless words, vague promises, political PR poppycock, sophomore pap and unedited bilge headed our way in federal election 2019.

Fortunately there's better news on the energy front: solar set to power major drop in renewables costs. – Business Green



Mark Falkenberg, deputy managing editor: 

Huawei boss Ren Zhengfei’s charm offensive continues – most recently with his offer to share his company’s 5G technology with another company for a one-time fee. – Economist 



Donald Trump’s inability to admit making a mistake has provided some yuks with Sharpiegate, but that epic character flaw has otherwise caused a lot of genuinely unfunny suffering. – Daily Kos 



Glen Korstrom, reporter:

Being curious is at the heart of being a news reporter but not all forms of curiosity are created equal. Here’s how to cultivate the right kind of curiosity necessary to ask meaningful questions. – Fashion Magazine



Tyler Orton, reporter:

“Huawei has made a peace offering that deserves consideration”

What if the Chinese tech giant simply sold off its 5G assets to allay security concerns? This might be the opportunity for Canadian telecoms to avoid a delayed deployment. – The Economist https://www.economist.com/leaders/2019/09/12/huawei-has-made-a-peace-offering-that-deserves-consideration


“Water found on a potentially life-friendly alien planet”

The good news is that it looks increasingly likely that the universe is littered with life-supporting planets. The bad news is this newly discovered one would likely give humans cancer (or radiation from its star would) if we were to ever set foot on it. – National Geographic https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/09/first-water-found-in-habitable-exoplanets-atmosphere-hubble-kepler-k2-18b/