Coming soon: BIV Magazine

Business in Vancouver will launch in January a monthly magazine that will report on key sectors of the British Columbian economy.

BIV Magazine will feature the award-winning journalism from the Business in Vancouver newsroom and focus on significant themes of interest each month. The first issue in January will deal with retirement, followed by an education issue in February.

The magazine will include special reports, profiles of business newsmakers, topical newsgraphics, lifestyle information, provocative commentary and other editorial features to serve the business audience.

“This move will present our audience in-depth coverage of the themes that matter to British Columbian business,” said Kirk LaPointe, BIV editor-in-chief.  “We have successfully grown our portfolio of magazines in recent years, and this is a natural step to take our journalism to the next level.”

The magazine will be available to BIV subscribers in print and on online.