Give your staff and clients the VIP experience under the big top!

As the morning sun rises, a woman and a metallic horse run together to awake this imaginary Mexico where the journey of the traveller will take place. Luzia Now playing through Dec. 29 in Vancouver

Expressing appreciation to valued clients, or, rewarding employee excellence is often demonstrated through group activities, such as spectator sports. Yes, there are moments of great excitement and shared enjoyment that enhance colleagues bonding, but with the home team possibly losing; the evening can end on a down note.

But when a shared experience produces awe or enchantment throughout, it creates a unique way for people to relate to one another.

Cirque du Soleil, the brand that creates all-encompassing sensory, awe-inspiring experiences with their shows, recently partnered with Dr. Beau Lotto, human emotion/perceptions expert with the neuroscience group Lab of Misfits, to conduct a study on the subject of awe

Over the course of several performances of a Cirque du Soleil show, Dr. Lotto’s team evaluated responses from a number of show-goers who agreed to participate. One of the findings suggested that people who are “in awe” may be more open to other points of view and to those around them, and generally more empathetic. Awe was also found to have a disruptive impact that led, interestingly, to people feeling more emotionally connected to those around them rather than experiencing the show solely as individuals.


An artist enveloped in a mystical aura amid glowing candles puts his body in knots with astounding ease and flexibility. He twists his body in unimaginable positions, and even manages to touch the back of his head with his pelvis!

This suggests that groups who attend awe-inspiring performances together could feel a closer connection to those with whom they’re already acquainted or connected. 

To that end, when Luzia — the new Cirque du Soleil show that explores an imaginary, dream-like journey through Mexico — opens in Vancouver in October, the company is offering unique ways for groups to experience the performance. 

The standard group offer provides savings on bookings of 12 tickets or more, which includes priority seating and flexible payment options.

The premium package presents three ways to host an exclusive VIP event.

The Mastercard VIP Experience provides entrance to the VIP suite an hour before the show where guests are immediately immersed in the Luzia-inspired environment. Show-goers can nibble on finger food and sip cocktails from the open bar. When the curtain (figuratively) rises, they will be in the best seats under the Big Top. During intermission, show-goers can retire to the VIP suite, which also has restrooms and a private terrace, to indulge in sweet treats. Before returning to the Big Top for the second half of the performance, guests will receive a gift bag with a special Luzia souvenir. 

The VIP Salon Experience provides a private space for up to 60 guests and includes the same exclusive elements in the VIP Experience. 

The VIP Exclusivity package includes use of the entire VIP suite for up to 200 people, a great option for holiday parties, or other special occasions. Time in the suite is extended to one and a half hours before the performance to enjoy an upgraded menu of pre-show appetizers and cocktails. Corporate add-ons, such as brand visibility or a scheduled presentation, are also available. 

All three VIP experiences offer free parking.

The Epic Experience is the most immersive of the total Cirque du Soleil world. Spend the day with Cirque to hear from experts on the brand’s business principles or get the artists’ perspective on a performer’s life. Take a wander backstage to see how the magic is conjured and chat with a performer. Of course, there’ll be snacks to sustain everyone through this informative day. The Epic adventure extends into the evening culminating with a VIP Experience for that night’s performance of Luzia.

All corporate or group packages need to be arranged through Cirque du Soleil’s Corporate Sales Manager. To determine pricing, a quote needs to be submitted online with specific details such the desired date and the number of guests. 

Luzia will be in Vancouver, under the Big Top at Concord Pacific, from Oct. 3 to Dec. 15, 2019. 

To arrange corporate or group packages for a magical evening of awe and appreciation, please submit a quote request online.