New modern Chinese restaurant in Vancouver to offer Canada’s first ‘5D’ dining experience

Quan Ju De is set to open their first Vancouver location, and it will offer a ‘5D’ multi-sensory dining experience. Photo: Quan Je Du Vancouver/Facebook

A forthcoming upscale Chinese restaurant in Vancouver hopes to deliver Canada’s first “5D” dining experience. Quan Ju De, an established Asian brand, will be opening up at 12th and Cambie at the base of The Spot building.

Quan Ju De says this is their first North American location, though there’s a “QJD” operating in the Toronto area that seems to at least some degree connected.

Setting the Vancouver Quan Ju De apart in Canada  is the unique dining experience the new Vancouver location is poised to offer, which is a “multi-dimensional experience,” according to Retail Insider.

What 5D means for diners is a more immersive and story-telling experience involving sounds, projections, and “interactive ingredients.”

Speaking of ingredients, Quan Ju De is best-known globally for their high-end Chinese cuisine, including their signature Peking Duck. According to an employment posting, Quan Ju De offers “a fusion of traditional Chinese food with a North American flare.”

“Our goal is to reintroduce North American culture to modern Chinese cuisine,” notes the restaurant, which dates its origins back to 1864.


Quan Ju De Vancouver/Facebook

We don’t have a timeline for opening just yet, but Quan Ju De Vancouver is in the hiring process, and they have promised to reveal details soon on their Instagram page, which you can follow at @quanjudeyvr.

Quan Ju De will be located at 2808 Cambie Street in Vancouver.

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