Langara College honours the outstanding achievements of 49 Langarans making a difference in the community


Langara College paid tribute to the significant contributions made by 49 alumni, staff and instructors who have made the greatest influence on society and Langara since 1970. The special anniversary celebration of the 49 Langarans Awards was held on November 6, 2019.


“49 Langarans is our opportunity to recognize the exceptional members of our community over the last 49 years,” said Dr. Lane Trotter, President and CEO, Langara College. “The 49 recipients are ambassadors for the college, and represent the impact that Langara has had in the community. It’s our pleasure to celebrate their achievements and our contribution to their success.”


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Meet some of the exceptional 49 Langarans Award recipients who share their success stories, and learn how Langara contributed to their growth and development.


Professor Kelley Lee, Faculty of Health Sciences Simon Fraser University;

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, Global Health Governance

"Society is richer for enabling everyone to reach their potential in life. It is likely I would not have had the opportunity to pursue higher education had Langara not offered an affordable, high quality post-secondary route for people like me," reveals Kelley Lee, an internationally renowned expert in global health. "Living in a single parent family on social assistance and in social housing, too often people like me just don't get the chance to go to university. We fall through the cracks. Langara made sure I didn't and eventually I went on to earn four university degrees in 12 years, including my doctorate degree in the UK."


Andy Chou, CEO, Drinkfill

"While most think of Langara College as a springboard to university, it is a hidden gem that provided me a special platform to learn and apply my knowledge," says entrepreneur Andy Chou. "This manifested as support in the creation of the Langara Competition Club, which went on to win numerous awards beating out schools such as UBC and SFU. This experience provided the toolbox of both hard skills and soft skills that I need to lead a fast growing startup. Langara taught me a valuable lesson to think big and I have taken it to heart. With Drinkfill we envision to see zero-waste and sustainability as something that will be so common that the pollutive alternative is seen as inconvenient and old-fashioned. I couldn't have done it without the support of the insightful instructors and my talented fellow students."


Wawmeesh Hamilton, Associate Producer, CBC Radio

"The Langara journalism program gave me the foundation and framework that equipped me to get started in the business," says journalist Wawmeesh Hamilton. "The education I've since gotten in the profession has put the finishing touches on this house and added the finer detail. It's a special feeling being honoured by the institution that gave me my start."


Stephen Lee, CEO, Musqueam Capital Corporation

"I am truly humbled by this honour. Langara was a great starting point in my academics which has led me to my current role," explains Stephen Lee. "Beyond the academic foundation, Langara inspired a true sense of community, approachability and allowed me to create lifelong connections (including my wife and best friend of 30 years). It truly has come full circle as these values continue to guide me personally and in my extended community at Musqueam."


Mary Kemmis, President, Prairie Division of Black Press Media

“My time at Langara instilled in me the great responsibility media has to not only tell stories, but lead conversations that foster change and growth," says Mary Kemmis. "That sense of responsibility underpins everything I do and is integral to my success. I’m deeply honored to receive the 49 Langarans Award and hope that the recipients’ stories inspire others to achieve their own versions of success.”


Rana Vig, President and CEO, Blue Langoon Resources Inc.

“Langara College served a very important role in my life and was a great stepping stone in giving me the confidence that I needed to further my education," business leader, Rana Vig says. "Growing up as a young immigrant in the 70s was very challenging and transitioning from high school to Langara College, before going on to Simon Fraser University, was a godsend. Its learning environment with smaller classes, compared to university, allowed faculty the ability to give us better individual attention."


Theresa Hanson, Senior Director, Athletics and Recreation, Simon Fraser University

"Twenty-five years ago I began my career in sport administration as the first female Director of Athletics and Intramurals at Langara College, and never looked back," relays Theresa Hanson. "I knew then that I was starting a life-long career that I would love. Langara taught me that the foundation of every job, regardless of profession, is to value the people and strive to make a difference in all that you do. From Langara to UBC and now at SFU, this simple philosophy has been a pillar throughout my career."


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