Toronto memorabilia firm taps made-in-B.C. Majik Bus curation tool

Majik Bus Entertainment CEO Mark Holden | Photo: Chung Chow

A Vancouver-based company that has developed a blockchain-backed tool to register collectibles and report their sale and transfer has landed a new partner.

Majik Bus Entertainment announced November 20 that Toronto’s Framework Sports Marketing will assume the role of a reseller of Majik Bus’s own collection of images.

Majik Bus recently launched a platform that allows users to register, track and authenticate valuable memorabilia.

“Authenticity is the key to our success. Unlike many other companies, we manufacture and create the majority of what we sell in-house, which allows us to provide amazing quality.  Certificates of authenticity and a hologram seal demonstrate the integrity and quality we deliver to each and every customer,” Framework CEO and president Brian Ehrenworth said in a statement

“Adding blockchain and digital verification to the process provides the collector with further reassurance that they are dealing with an official seller or reseller and guarantees authenticity and value.”

Majik Bus CEO Mark Holden told Business in Vancouver last month the initial targer for his company MajikVerify platform is fine art, limited-edition prints and items like sports memorabilia.

While individuals can use the tool for their own transactions, Holden believes the technology is meant for enterprise use, such as at auction houses.

The company drives revenue through transaction fees.