What to eat right now in Metro Vancouver

The Double Baked Milk Chocolate PB & J Viennoiserie at Blacksmith Bakery | Photo: Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

Decisions, decisions: What are you going to eat right now, and where are you getting it?

If you need some help with your next meal, snack, treat, or drink, consider this your guide. Here’s what to eat right now in Metro Vancouver.

The Faux Pho at DownLow Burgers at The American


The Faux Pho burger at DownLow Burgers. Photo: @downlowburgers/Instagram

First off, it’s fair to say it’s hard to go wrong with any burger on the menu at DownLow Burgers, which operates out of The American on Main Street. Their burgers are meaty and thick, on pillowy custom-made buns, and kept as classic or wild with the toppings as you want. But it’s the Faux Pho, which riffs off the flavours of Vietnamese cuisine, that has Vancouver burger fans feeling some legit joy. There’s the sweet twang of Hoisin, the sour bite of pickled veg, and of course that stunner beef patty to love. If you can handle it, order some Pork Belly Bites on the side. Bonus: They’ve expanded their hours to include lunch service, so you can get your meat sweats on midday, too.

Address: 926 Main St, Vancouver

The Oat Milk Brown Sugar Series at Baroness



Baroness specializes in brown sugar pearls – this is itself a sub-set of bubble tea that emerged a couple of years ago in Taiwan and is out in full force on this side of the Pacific. Brown sugar pearls are the result of cooking tapioca pearls in brown sugar, resulting in a rich, deep caramelized sugar flavour at the base of the beverage, which is then topped with milk. To go the extra mile, Baroness also puts a shot of brown sugar syrup in the drink with the pearls. Doubling up, indeed, on what Vancouverites love is the fact that Baroness carries locally-made Earth’s Own brand oat milk for those who prefer to cut the dairy from their BBT experience.

Address: 2790 W Broadway, Vancouver

Pizza and Pasta at Farina a Legna


Four cheese pizza with white anchovies. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

The menu at this Lower Lonsdale sibling to Vancouver’s Pizzeria Farina features a lineup of antipasti, like tender meatballs nestled in marinara sauce, salads such as the burrata with roasted squash and pesto, along with pizzas, handmade pastas, meat mains, specials, and desserts. Showcasing classic flavour and topping combos, the pizzas have that beautiful bubbly-burnt crust and the sauce a standout bright and distinct pure tomato taste, with the perfect amount of cheese. I’ll never say no to anchovies, which is how I ended up with a quattro formaggi (four cheese) with whole white anchovies. For pasta, check their specials; I had their handmade ravioli panna e prosciutto (cream and ham), which was good to the last drop of sauce on the plate. Get a glass of lambrusco (seriously grape-y red bubbles) and enjoy.

Address: 119 2nd Street East, North Vancouver

Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich from The Frying Pan truck


Fried chicken waffle sandwich. Photo: @thefryingpan604/Instagram

This wicked mash-up of sweet and savoury is only available from The Frying Pan’s second (silver) truck, and it can seriously take your lunch break to the next level. Their fan-fave fried chicken is sandwiched between two waffles, and it’s decked out with both syrup and cheddar cheese, because why not?

Address: The Frying Pan silver truck: Mon-Fri 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at 900 W Cordova, Vancouver

Night-time dim sum at Little Bird

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Dim sum at night, and better, with craft beer and wine? Bring it on 🥟🍤🍺🍷

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Little Bird is the just-opened Kitsilano restaurant that is serving up dim sum weeknights and all day and into the night on weekends, too. Not only are their hours shaking things up, but Little Bird is also changing the game by creating dim sum offerings that are vegan, and serving up delicious craft beers to go with everything.

Address: 2958 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Weekend special pastries at Blacksmith Bakery

Seriously, how did Fort Langley get so lucky to have Blacksmith Bakery creating some stunner treat-yo-self treats? On the weekends, this cafe and bakeshop features a special pastry creation that you won’t want to miss out on. Last time I was there it was this Double Baked Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Jelly Viennoiserie w/ Raspberry Chantilly. Basically the most insane PB&J croissant with extras. They’ll share on Instagram what’s on deck for the coming weekend, so keep your eyes open, and your stretchy pants handy.

Address: 9190 Church St., Fort Langley

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