Mobility simplified with innovative subscription service

In the pursuit of prestige, a professional must command their time flawlessly in order to perform with confidence and precision.

Today’s professional must be equipped with versatile tools to handle any challenge which is why B.C.’s largest Automotive Group introduced Portfolio by OpenRoad, the first all-inclusive car subscription service in Canada. Technology and the demand for choice has curved the previously rigid rules of mobility. Society has dawned upon a new era of movement and Portfolio has emerged as one of the most flexible and convenient approaches to car ownership in the country.

The bountiful, rugged landscape of British Columbia is a proud staple of the Pacific Northwest, but often it imposes a multitude of necessities to traverse. From the silver slopes of Whistler and the winding roads of the interior to the hustle and bustle of downtown – world class tastes, sights and sounds await locals and visitors alike, but getting around isn’t always so easy. The Portfolio by OpenRoad program rewards members with the gift of convenience. Whether you need an all-in SUV for your family’s ski trip, a versatile four-wheel drive for a weekend getaway or a stylish coupe for a night out on the town, Portfolio has you covered. Match your lifestyle with a vehicle from over 9 brands, and have your personal concierge flip you into something new when your needs change.

What’s more, unlike unrelenting leasing structures and insurance policies, Portfolio only charges members for the time the service is being used. For the busy professional who frequently travels outside the province for work, Portfolio is ideal as it allows you to pause your service so you will not be charged during your absence. Members can resume their membership upon return with just a click of a button and, through partnership with Gateway Valet, have a car awaiting your arrival at the airport. Portfolio offers door-to-door delivery through a personalized concierge service and vehicles are always cleaned, gassed and ready to go.

And all of this is possible from the palm of your hand. Once you’ve decided to sign up, activation is as easy as downloading the Portfolio by OpenRoad mobile app and following a few simple steps. Once you verify your region, driver’s license and identity, the app will guide you through creating an account and selecting the tier that works best for you. The app will serve as the ultimate guide to your membership, allowing you to make special requests, book vehicles, organize flips and communicate directly with OpenRoad concierges to customize your vehicle experience. Additionally, there is no commitment required beyond a 31-day minimum term.

Since 2000, OpenRoad Auto Group has become the largest-volume automotive retail group in British Columbia. During that time, the company has committed to modernizing the car buying and ownership experience through new technologies and customer strategies. OpenRoad is proud to boast Portfolio’s new age concept to Canadians and, come 2020, will introduce a new economic tier subscription plan for future members looking for an even better value. 

Excellence is achieved through dedication and the intrusion of obstacles must be met with the same commitment to perfection. OpenRoad seeks to advance mobility models so that every professional can perform optimally because as any professional knows, time is precious.

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