Buying weed on the black market still cheaper than buying legally: StatsCan

How cheap is your weed? And is it legal?


Buying marijuana on the black market is still cheaper than purchasing from government-sanctioned sellers, according to new data released by Statistics Canada today.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, legal purchases of cannabis across the country cost an average of $10.30 per gram while illegal sales cost an average of $5.73 per gram. And the price of legal weed continues to rise, while black market marijuana prices have fallen since the federal government legalized weed in 2018.

“This overall price increase is attributable to legal cannabis,” according to Statistics Canada publication The Daily. “The average price of legal cannabis increased... in the fourth quarter of 2019 from $9.69 per gram a year earlier.”

Meanwhile, the price of illegal weed fell from $6.44 per gram a year ago to the current $5.73 per gram today.

B.C. residents pay some of the cheapest prices in the country for marijuana.

The average legal purchase costs a consumer $9.32 per gram, the second lowest behind Quebec, while illegal cannabis costs $5.95 per gram, the sixth cheapest province.


Source: Gary McKenna

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