As a leader in transformation, Deloitte is changing the way British Columbia does business

British Columbia’s economy is changing rapidly and businesses need to transform and innovate to compete and thrive on the national stage, and across the globe. That’s part of the reason  Deloitte continuously undergoes transformations of its own, re-examining every facet of how it operates from the structure of its offices to the services it provides to clients, many of which didn’t even exist a decade ago. All of this while still remaining true to the accounting, tax and auditing roots that businesses, organizations, and governments have relied on for generations.


As a disruptor that constantly drives change in the economy and innovative environment, Deloitte is one of Canada’s leading professional services firms. It has also been repeatedly recognized by market analysts as being leaders in their space, especially in the continuously evolving fields of data analytics and cybersecurity that are so crucial to businesses today. 


“We’re on a journey in BC to transform our workplaces to be even more collaborative and reflect our high performing culture — first in Langley, then Victoria, and now in Vancouver as we settle into our Basecamp offices in preparation for Deloitte Summit in 2021,” says Etienne Bruson, Managing Partner, British Columbia, Deloitte Canada. “This is part of our ongoing commitment to bring the best to our clients, provide an outstanding experience for our people and make an impact that matters in our communities and province.”

In making the strategic decision to move into its Basecamp offices at the former Tom Lee music space and in HSBC in downtown Vancouver, Deloitte is bringing to life its commitment to a differentiated and impactful experience in the market where exploration, innovation  and experimentation will inform and refine its approach as it prepares for its new BC headquarters in the heart of the city’s creative economy. 


This transformation enables our people to think about how and where they need to work that day and adjust. If people choose a collaborative space, they’re more approachable. This fosters better communication between teams who didn’t have the chance to interact with each other before in this way. When people need to focus, they can signal their need for more privacy by choosing a more enclosed workspace. More than an office, Deloitte’s workplace strategy, called Orbis, focuses on:


  • Creating  a more engaged and high performing environment where people can control how and where they work— building an inclusive environment that reflects and caters to different needs, evolving preferences and work styles.
  • Using design and technology to remove physical barriers, the reimagined spaces promote collaboration, the flow of ideas, and innovation.
  • Fostering greater purpose-driven innovation and disruption allows Deloitte to enhance the value it delivers directly to clients in BC and Canada’s economy at large. 


Deloitte’s new offices are not simply about exceptional workspaces; they are part of its national strategy and vision to create a more collaborative and high-performing workplace.


Employees’ reactions have been very positive. They feel a sense of pride with the new spaces and appreciate the tools that are helping them be more collaborative and effective.


Company culture is benefitting as well. The new BC office spaces break down barriers — and feeling better connected is important in a knowledge-based business.


In 2021, this dynamic approach will take another physical form when Deloitte moves into Deloitte Summit, Westbank’s iconic new office tower at 410 West Georgia. The stunning cube-like building designed to reflect the world-renowned beauty of Vancouver, is itself part of the transformation of Vancouver’s West Georgia neighbourhood into a gathering place for some of the world’s biggest disruptors.


Others are also taking notice. In Maclean’s report on Canada’s Top Student-ranked Employers 2018, Deloitte is the only one among its competitors that ranked in multiple categories.


By making these once-in-a-generation investments, Deloitte is reimagining the way work gets done to make a positive impact on its clients, talent and communities.

“We live in a time where to thrive, innovation and purpose must be at the heart of what we do,” Etienne Bruson says. “To lead and attract top talent, we need to rethink the future of work. How we provide flexibility, connection and contribute to our people’s health and wellness. An investment in our people helps us build high performing teams who bring innovative solutions to our clients and communities.”

Believing Canada’s moment is now, Deloitte prides itself in being comfortable in the uncomfortable. Its vision for the future is pushing the firm to expand its impact within the business sector and society as a whole, while focusing on ensuring its clients, people and community thrive—creating a more inclusive and prosperous future for British Columbia and Canada.  


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