Richmond restaurant gives early ‘termination notice’ to employees amid coronavirus fear

One of the restaurant's manager claims that the restaurant will be closed as of Feb. 17, but will reopen in May | Photo source: Facebook

A photo of an employment termination letter from a Richmond restaurant was posted on social media claiming that restaurant service will be suspended due to the ongoing novel coronavirus affecting business.

However, one employee claimed the restaurant was planning to shut down anyway for renovations but moved up its closure date because public concern regarding the virus was impacting business.

Employees at Parklane Chinese Restaurant – on the second floor of London Plaza at No. 3 Road and Westminster Highway – received a notice notifying their work positions “will be terminated” on Feb. 2.

The notice states that “due to coronavirus concern(s), business has dropped significantly” and that business will be “suspended” as of Feb. 17.

Also, the restaurant will compensate the employees according to the B.C. labour laws.

One of the restaurant's managers, who goes by the last name Wong, told the Richmond News that the restaurant was planning to close because of renovations but is closing earlier due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.

“The restaurant was scheduled to start renovations at the end of February even before the coronavirus hit,” said Wong, adding that they are closing earlier because of the decline in business.

“All the employees were aware of the renovation plans for a while and they signed the form – including myself.”

The employees, said Wong, understand that the restaurant needs to be empty for work to be done. He added that it isn’t unusual to close for a couple of months and they are estimated to re-open and rehire in May.

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