Corporate Training Helps Organizations Unleash The True Potential of Their Human Capital

Whether during the day, evening, or weekends, BCIT’s facilitation teams are available to provide training at a company’s workplace.

Connecting work to purpose increases employee engagement and productivity.

British Columbia Institute of Technology’s (BCIT) School of Business and Media offers corporate and industry training services to corporate clients wanting to enhance their employees' skills and knowledge, provide professional development, and engage employees in pursuit of organizational goals.

 In addition, BCIT's Corporate and Industry Training Services will customize offerings to ensure they address an organization's unique needs, the intended audience and the specific objectives identified.

“We can help you realize your organization's true potential through engaging your people and igniting your purpose to realize your productivity goals,” says Amy Fell, BCIT’s Industry and Corporate Training Coordinator.

BCIT is one of the largest business schools in Western Canada with a wide array of corporate and executive education offerings to serve professional development and career advancement.

For over two decades, BCIT has worked with businesses, municipalities, and organizations to realize the true potential of their human capital.

“We want to help you figure out how training dollars can be invested wisely to improve employee skills and connect their work to the pursuits of the organization,” Fell says. “A person will always do more when they feel that someone believes in them. We get inspired, we strive, and we contribute beyond what we believe we are able. Employees start to realize the connection they have with the organization, which creates lasting loyalty and reduces the drain of turnover.”

When Fell works with clients to determine their needs, she draws a model of interlocking circles that demonstrate the interconnected nature of people, productivity, and purpose. Where the circles overlap are opportunities for training and growth.

“We’ve learned that moving the dial on productivity relies on a connection between your people and your purpose,” Fell says. “The intersection of all circles is the potential you have as an organization. If you get all these things right, productivity is the byproduct.”

BCIT Business and Media has an extraordinary team of professional facilitators who bring the topics to life by using practical examples. Facilitators are industry experts and leading practitioners in their fields.

Whether during the day, evening, or weekends, BCIT’s facilitation teams are available to provide training at a company’s workplace. A statement of completion can also be issued to employees for successful workshop completion.

BCIT offers the largest selection of accredited business programs in the province, with 98% of degree graduates finding employment within two years of leaving BCIT.

Seeing the trend towards empowering your workforce

As many companies head into the new fiscal year, they may want to consider some of the trends in corporate training.

Managing Millennials in the workforce is something Fell has seen an increase in demand for from organizations and managers.

“There's been a shift. It’s been an employers’ market for a long time, where employers could say, ‘I want you to do more for less’,” Fell says. “Now it’s shifted to an employees’ market, where employees consider, ‘is this job good for me, good for us, and good for the world?’”

Millennials are different from their Gen X and Boomer counterparts in that they want to feel like they are integral to the work of an organization and tend to seek mentorship.

“This is where clarity is critical. Connecting employees to an organizations purpose drives personal motivation and helps employees see their contribution toward achieving an organization’s purpose,” Fell says.

Another new trend she has seen recently is a move toward employee-directed learning.

“This is a new trend in employee development. Employers need to spend time asking employees how they want to develop as an individual and what training they need to get there. Enabling employees to take responsibility for their learning demonstrates a commitment to their success and with that…an organizations success,” Fell says.

Investing in individuals inspires loyalty and reduces turnover.

“You want them to realize they can fulfil their potential by staying at your organization,” Fell says.

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