Gas prices drop below a dollar in Richmond

Gas was spotted at 99 cents a litre on Wednesday evening | Photo: Maria Rantanen

Gas prices in Richmond hit a new low, dipping below the dollar mark on Wednesday evening.

Super Save Gas at No. 5 Road and Westminster Highway was selling gas at 99 cents per litre. Diesel was selling for $1.18 per litre.

Gas prices have been falling over the past few months, but prices this low haven’t been seen in a decade.

The price of oil in Canada has been dropping over the past few months.

Oil price futures plunged 30 per cent last week, dragging stock markets and currencies, including the Canadian dollar, down with them.

That drop came on top of a 17-per-cent decline in February, due to falling demand for oil which was a result of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

- with files from Nelson Bennett

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