Coquitlam cleantech company wins American contest

SHARC will be paired with American utility to demonstrate heat capture technology

Lynn Mueller, CEO of SHARC International Systems, wins cleantech contest in U.S. | Chung Chow

A Coquitlam-based cleantech company is among the winners of a competition in the U.S. designed to demonstrate and showcase clean technology.

SHARC International Systems Inc. (CSE:SHRC) was one of 10 companies selected from 130 competitors for demonstration projects through the Electric Power Research Institute’s Incubatenergy© Labs Challenge.

The Incubatenergy© Labs Challenge is designed to help cleantech startups demonstrate and showcase their technologies.

SHARC was one of 17 finalists invited to make a virtual pitch on April 7. The 10 winners were announced today, May 21, SHARC being one of them. It was one of three Canadian companies among the 10 winners.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) links start-ups with power utilities that have the capacity to further improve on their use, said SHARC CEO Lynn Mueller.

“The nature of the project and the demonstration will not only allow for the increased mobilization of SHARC technology by connecting us with leading utilities but also provide increased exposure and acceptance of our product as a key solution in achieving greenhouse gas reduction goals while providing superior electrical usage efficiency,” Mueller said in a press release.

Using heat exchange technology, SHARC technology provides both air conditioning and hot water heating for buildings. It captures heat from the water in a building – heat that would normally be flushed into the sewer system – to provide a zero-emissions heating and air conditioning.

SHARC makes a number of systems for different building sizes. Its Piranha system is designed for multi-unit residential and commercial buildings.

SHARC will work with EPRI and American utilities to install one of its Piranha systems in the U.S. The results of the demonstration project will be presented at the Incubatenergy Labs demonstration day on October 14, in St Louis, Missouri.